Roofing Contractor

For over 65 years, Bobson Construction Co. has been delighting Metro Detroit homeowners with our premium shingled and flat roof installations.

Bobson is a well-respected roofing contractor and one of the best roofing companies in the Metro Detroit area. We offer most major brands of architectural roofing shingles such as Tamko, GAF, and Certainteed.

We always install roof ventilation, ice and water shields, metal drip edges, felt, and new shingles to meet or exceed local building codes. We pull all necessary building permits and schedule all required inspections so that you can just relax, knowing that Bobson will do the job right. Bobson will install step flashing and chimney flashing as indicated.

Bobson has installed our exclusive polybond roofing system on thousands of homes across Metro Detroit since 1985. Bobson's polybond roofing is available in smooth or granulated finishes. Installing a flat roof can be an involved process and requires great skill and experience to do properly. We have refined our installation techniques over the years and can provide you with a worry-free residential low pitch or residential flat roof.

During a roof tear off Bobson brings out a trailer on wheels to remove the debris and minimize disruption and messes. Bobson can handle complex roofing jobs that require significant carpentry work. Sometimes we tear off old roofing shingles and we find rotted wood underneath. Bobson installers are expert carpenters capable of making any necessary wood repairs.

Call Bobson today for a free estimate on your residential roofing project. Bobson does it all and does it right. Call 1-855-4-BOBSON

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